Today’s Focus . . . It’s Not Just About You!

So many of us are currently in or have been exposed to a vicious cycle of sorts.  The word vicious connotes being dangerously aggressive or intentionally harmful.  Vicious cycles can be emotional, psychological, physical or physiological.   Vicious cycles come in various forms:  alcoholism, smoking, drugs, domestic violence, childhood or elder abuse, obesity, co-dependency, eating disorders, bullying, gambling, isolation, cutting oneself, violence, etc., . . . the list seems endless.

When you perpetuate a vicious cycle, it not only affects you, but it also affects the people in your immediate environment, possibly for generations to come.  This negative behavior permeates one’s mind and spirit, so much so that it becomes second nature to them  . . . and thus, in most cases, they then repeat the same harmful and/or destructive behavior. But YOU have the power to take that first courageous step in making this change, realizing that it is not just about you!  Seek out counseling and/or advice from your health-care professional or spiritual adviser.

I pray that with the help of Almighty God and the words from my Poetic Inspiration that follows, that it will inspire you to take this step . . . God bless you and grant you peace.  🙂Stop the Vicious Cycle-3-4-15

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